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Aedes Web Solutions provides an analysis of digital growth, creates new e-business solutions for the Magento platform and maintains existing e-businesses. We are one of the four Magento’s official partner in the Baltics and Magento’s first Estonian based partner.

Our team has ten years of previous experience in programming warehouse management and accounting software, so that we can take on even the most complex integrations by using LAMP bundle.

We are Estonian Gazelle-Company 2018 and 2019 – less than 1% of Estonian enterprises receive such recognition. “Gazelle-companies” are companies, who have increased turnover and profit more than 50% in the last three years, who create the most new jobs and convey the essential characteristics of a rapidly growing company – flexibility, speed, courage.

We owe our success to a strong and growing team. The company currently has 30 employees and we strive to provide all of them with the right means to be productive and motivated and to keep on learning.

We also have a professional designer in our team who will put your ideas into practice and provide advice on creating design views.

Companies from Estonia and abroad – let’s discuss the next step in your commerce journey!


Our mission

We are committed to providing significant added value to our clients with ideal IT solutions. A company’s professional image online is becoming increasingly important and we are worthy partners for our clients when it comes to accomplishing their business goals.

Our vision

We strive to be one of the leading web solutions providers in Estonia.

Our goal

We aim to create all of the right conditions so that our clients can reach their goals in the digital world. Our slogan, ‘everything is possible‘, reflects our ambitious goals and the continuous effort we put into reaching those goals.

Our values

We follow four core values: caring, honesty, commitment, and development. We treat others the way we want to be treated. We are committed to our field, not being afraid of being honest and, most importantly, we never cease to learn and evolve.

We are Estonian Gazelle-Company 2018 – less than 1% of Estonian enterprises receive such recognition

Gaselli Kongress

As a successful Estonian company we are reliable partners for our clients

Edukas Eesti ettevõte 2017

We belong to the highest class in the Rating Classification AAA, which is achieved only by 3,8% of all companies in Estonia

Kõrgeim krediidivõime

We're familiar with e-commerce trends as being a member of the Estonian E-Commerce Association

Turvaline ostukoht

As the member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry we stand for the rights of the entrepreneurs

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Everything is possible!